You know what sucks?


Sorry for this to be the first post on here.

It just happens that I’m once again in some kind of phase where I think I’m just a horrible person who doesn’t deserve anything and my desire to simply exist removed from this world grows really strong.

And it just so happens that I felt the need to write a bit about my situation.

I started preparation for the test I need to take for an amateurradio license here in Germany. So I might start posting about how preparations are going on the tech tab some time in the future.

I might also start posting about my studies on there, in order to help me get through it all a little bit better.

Speaking of which, Uni restarts in two days for me. And then it’s just one month until the exams. I’m already so damn anxious. Mainly because I’ve barely done any preparations and apparently just wasted my time.

Actually I didn’t waste it. I spent some time working and probably made some valuable experiences. It all just feels so damn useless.

I just read the date on this post. What a way to start of the new year.


I don’t know much about swearing in english but I swear quit a lot when speaking my mothertongue. Apologies for always writing ‘damn’, ‘dammit’ or just outright dropping an F-Bomb.

Just a few lines in and this post already is a horrible mess.

I’m so gonna unlist this at some point. Or even delete it completely.

I’m writing this post for two days now. So I should fix the date on here some time.

Well, soon it’s gonna be three days.